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August 24, 2022

Brazilian Air Force signs unique contract with C6 Sistemas

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Brasília, DF, August 24, 2022 - C6 Sistemas de Lançamentos do Brasil (C6 Sistemas) and the Brazilian Air Force Command (COMAER) today signed a contract for the use of goods and services of the Alcantara Space Center (CEA) finalizing a public call in 2021 by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and COMAER.

This first contract for space launch operations by a private company signed by COMAER represents a new paradigm whereby the Brazilian Federal Government, through COMAER, provides services to a private company.

C6 Sistemas will build a new launch area, expand existing infrastructure, and implement new benefits at CEA which will increase CEA's operational capacity by increasing space operations. At the end of the contract, these become assets of the Federal Government. Construction starts in June 2023 with first launch in Q2 2024.

C6 Sistemas is a wholly owned subsidiary of C6 Launch Systems in Canada. Richard McCammon, President and CEO of C6 Launch, highlighted that CEA is ideally located for the C6 group of companies to provide dedicated, responsive, and timely launches for small satellites. He added C6 Launch is excited about expanding operations in Brazil and working with its new partner, COMAER.