Reliable. Cost Effective. Dedicated.

A Rocket Designed with Smallsats in Mind


Payload Management/ Deployment

Powered by world’s leading launch-proven deployer system from ISISpace

The C6 Rocket utilizes the world’s leading launch-proven deployer system from ISISpace for standard services. Our Rocket has a universal mounting plate atop the second stage, which will accommodate a variety of ISISpace deployers (QuadPack, DuoPack and ISIPODS™) as well as custom or externally sourced deployer systems to provide optimal mission management. Providing payload volume up to 16U (plus deployer) combined with the adaptive payload plate, a range of configurations can be supported. Now the same launch capability that smallsat customers wait to access on large launch vehicles is available on demand with the dedicated small payload C6 Launch vehicle. With the deployer pre-budgeted as part of launch costs for C6’s turnkey launch services, the customer can focus satellite development costs entirely on the payload development.

Second stage rocket

The Engine

Powered by Ursa Major Technologies’ Hadley Engine
  • Lox-kerosene propellant
  • 20 kN sea-level thrust
  • Fully test-proven and certified
  • ITAR Export licence in progress

Rather than taking years to design and prove an engine, C6 Launch ha entered into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) working with Ursa Major Technologies to use the proven Hadley engine and accelerate our schedule to first launch.

Four Hadleys will be used in the C6 Rocket, three for the booster and one for the second stage. Each provides 4,500 lbf (20kN) sea-level thrust with re-light and deep-throttling capability.

The Hadley is the first North American Oxidizer Rich Staged Combustion engine, providing increased performance. The pump-fed liquid oxygen and kerosene/RP-1 engine with integrated fluid controls and electronic subsystems provides an accessible, reliable turnkey propulsion system for quick integration.

The Hadley will power C6’s suborbital and orbital flights, reducing launch and customer risk.

First stage rocket
Three Lox - Kerosene engines
1.5 meters
4 meters
7.2 meters
1 meter



Height: 13 meters
Diameter: 1 meter

Number of stages: 2

Stage 1 - three engines
stage 2 - single engine


100 kg mass for 600 km Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO)


Clamshell for reliable separation and deployment


Lox-kerosene propellant
20 kN sea-level thrust