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Launch Services

C6 Launch is committed to providing customers with convenient launch service. Our team will work with you to coordinate a full logistical plan, including guidance for registration requirements. With options for launch sites and orbits – as well as a rapid launch manifest – C6 eliminates existing challenges with launching small payloads.

Our Mission

The new space race: make space available to the masses. This democratization of space is now being driven by the “smallsat revolution”. Small, easy to produce and inexpensive satellites have created opportunities for new players and uses. While these small satellites are now fast and flexible to develop, it remains difficult to get them into orbit in a timely fashion. C6 Launch Systems brings a new launch capacity to the market for smallsat payloads up to 100 kg with full access to all orbits from 0° to 110° inclinations. This means the game changers, first movers and those with urgent operational requirements can now deploy smallsats where they want, when they want. Nano and CubeSat customers will no longer need to wait years for the right rideshare, or compromise their orbit or mission. C6 is committed to removing the barriers that keep smallsats from the skies.

About Us

The Rocket

C6 Launch’s talented team of engineers have designed a dedicated smallsat launch vehicle that maximizes the use of proven, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. With a continuous eye to de-risking launch for customers and maximizing reliability, C6 works to source best-in-class components, subsystems and support systems that have a launch heritage, are proven and reliable. Proprietary systems integration, avionics, telemetry and communications, fuel tank design and systems integration bring the components together to serve nano and micro satellites with a reliable rocket.

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