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March 16, 2021

C6 Launch Unveils Rocket Engine Test Stand At Spaceport America

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SIERRA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO — With the permission of Spaceport America, C6 Launch built a vertical test stand for a Systems Integration Engine Test (SIET) campaign. C6 Launch contracted Highland Enterprises of Las Cruces, New Mexico to design and fabricate the stand. They built the stand in record time and installed it just after New Year’s Day. The flexible design of the stand supports many different engine sizes and will allow for vertically mounted static rocket engine tests.

Daniel McCammon, Co-Founder, Executive Director, and VP Engineering of C6 Launch was joined by Scott McLaughlin, Executive Director of Spaceport America, and representatives from Ursa Major Technologies and Highland Enterprises Inc. during the ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the test stand at Spaceport America’s Vertical Launch Area (VLA).

The stand will remain at Spaceport America for future use by C6 Launch and others. In the end, C6 Launch contributed $200,000 to the local New Mexico economy, $450,000 to the Colorado economy, and over $400,000 to the Ontario economy.

About C6 Launch Systems

Small Payloads – On Time. On Target. C6 Launch Systems is a Canadian-based space technology company developing a dedicated small-sat launch capability to place payloads up to 50kg to a nominal 600 km orbit. Small-sat game changers, first movers and those with urgent operational requirements can deploy payloads where they want, when they want without compromising their orbit or mission. The C6 rocket utilizes proven, best-in-class capabilities from the engine to the deployer, with integration and other technologies from C6’s talented, expert team of space engineers. C6 is led by veteran entrepreneur Richard McCammon. For more information visit www.c6launch.com