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October 5, 2022

Concert Technologies to use C6 Launch to launch its satellites

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Concert Technologies and C6 Launch signed a non exclusive launch services agreement. Under the agreement, C6 Launch will provide launch services for several of Concert’s satellites to low Earth orbit from Alcântara Space Center in 2025 and 2026 with subsequent missions to maintain and expand Concert’s constellation of high-resolution imaging systems. These missions will be significant milestones for both companies.

Richard McCammon, CEO of C6 Launch, says, “Concert uses small satellites to provide valuable solutions to their customers and represents the next wave of satellite technology C6 Launch is proud to provide the launch services required to establish their constellation.”

“There is a huge domestic and international market for information driven operations based in Smart Satellite images and IoT services. Partnering with C6 Launch as a launching provider is strategic because departing from Alcantara is vital to reach the orbital planes we are targeting”, says Angelo Menhem, CEO of Concert Technologies.

C6 Sistemas, C6 Launch’s Brazilian subsidiary, will act as primary operator for the mission.

About Concert Technologies S.A.
Concert Technologies S.A. has been in the market for more than 20 years providing Operating Technology products and services to the electric power and rocket launching markets, being the provider of the real-time mission planning and operation systems for the Alcântara Space Center. The company seeks to explore the New Space market segment providing satellite imagery based BI and IoT services, with its own constellation of Software Defined Satellites, through the soon to be announced joint venture with two other important players in this segment.

About C6 Launch Systems, Corporation
Founded in 2017 in Canada, C6 Launch is an international space-tech company focused on enabling the transport of small satellites to space and promoting a dedicated, customised service for satellite operators. It’s Brazilian subsidiary C6 Sistemas recently finalized contractual negotiations with COMAER for its operations at CEA. The company’s overarching mission is to democratize access to space by providing dedicated, responsive, and timely launches so small satellites can help improve the World.

Concert and C6 Launch wish to thank the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Brazil for introducing the two companies.