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December 5, 2023

Daily Scanner features article on C6 Launch

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The Daily Scanner featured an article (https://www.dailyscanner.com/charting-a-course-to-the-stars-c6-launchs-competitive-edge-in-space-exploration/) about C6 Launch and the work being done at the Alcântara Space Center in northeastern Brazil. The article highlights the many advantages Alcântara has because of its unique location. To quote from the article:

"Satellites launched near the equator benefit from the Earth's rotational speed, achieving orbital velocity more efficiently."

C6 Launch leverages existing infrastructure to lower capital and operating costs.

"Cost savings derived from utilizing the existing services at Alcântara Space Center present a compelling operating cost advantage that significantly distinguishes it from other spaceports. Alcântara's pre-existing services, including radar, telemetry power, and security are instrumental in reducing operational costs and streamlining the development of space launch capabilities."

The goal of expanding on existing facilities is to provide responsive, dedicated and flexible launches so small satellites can help improve the World.