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“Whoever figures out how to make launch safe, affordable and convenient is going to take the next giant leap” – Bloomberg 2019

The Opportunity

There were 1,300 satellite launches from 2012 to 2018 – with 2018’s launch output six times that of 2012. More than half of those launches were for nanosats in the 1kg to 10 kg range and CubeSats. Currently, those looking to launch these types of very small satellites need to wait for a rideshare with a larger payload or a group of other small satellites. This is inconvenient and imprecise – satellite launch customers are currently waiting up to 4 years for an available launch. C6 is working to provide, fast, flexible service for a class of satellites that don’t currently have an option for dedicated launch. Rather than develop all new technology, C6 uses the original equipment manufacturer model (OEM) common in the aerospace industry. To date, cooperation and purchase agreements have been signed with the engine manufacturer, a satellite-based communications company, specialists in mission control applications and a launch site. We are quickly moving towards our first LEO launch.

Who is Launching Nano and Cubesats?

Smallsats are launched for a variety of missions ranging from remote sensing and technology development, to communications and scientific research. They are launched by governments, military, commercial operators and academic institutions. C6 Launch customers are those developing nano and CubeSat sized payloads – low cost, light, cheap and relatively easy to build. These smallsats have shorter lifespans, usually 1-5 years vs. 15 years or more for hardened, multi-ton large satellites. In the last 10 years, their use has transitioned – today most of the smallest satellites are being used for commercial purposes. Nano and CubeSats are frequently used for research and experimentation, as they allow new technologies to be tested and demonstrated on a small scale and in zero gravity. The common factor for all potential customers is the urgent need to get into space as quickly as possible, to conduct research or deliver the intended service.

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