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October 7, 2022

Phoenix Soluções em Tecnologia da In-formação Ltda. and C6 Launch sign satellite launch agreement

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Phoenix Soluções em Tecnologia da In-formação Ltda. of Brazil and C6 Launch Systems of Canada signed a non-exclusive agreement to launch satellites to low Earth orbit (LEO) from the Alcântara Launch Center (CLA), in the State of Maranhão, in the Northeast of Brazil.

Under the agreement, C6 Launch will provide launch services to Phoenix for their satellites beginning in 2024. These missions will be significant milestones for both companies and for the Brazilian aerospace sector.

In the words of Freddy Miranda de Souza, CEO of Phoenix Technology Space, "Phoenix arose from the desire to bring space-based innovation. After years of research, we began our launches and construction of aerospace products and prototypes in October 2020, improving our knowledge and broadening our horizons with each launch. We are excited to get started with the C6 Launch!".

In the words of Richard McCammon, CEO of C6 Launch, “This agreement with Phoenix is further validation of the need for dedicated launch services for small satellites which C6 Launch is uniquely suited for. The team is excited to work with Phoenix to expand their business using space applications.” C6 Launch operates in Brazil through its subsidiary C6 Sistemas.